The Beauty of Montgomery Reef

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Montgomery Reef is located on the Southern Kimberley coast, at the southwestern extremity of Camden Sound.  The reef is flanked by small islands that are home to mangroves, crocodiles, turtles, and birdlife. The incredible Aerial View of the Reef makes it seem like a vein patterns in a leaf making it very unique.

The Montgomery Reef appears to rise out of the water when each massive Kimberley tide recedes, gushing water in innumerable waterfalls and stunning cascades.

Spectacular vistas of the Reef unmatched anyplace in the world are produced, as marine life rushes over the edge of the reef which dry rapidly to the safety of the sea.

The Lalanggarram/Camden Sound Marine Park is located 20 kilometers off the central Kimberley Coast and contains Australia’s largest inshore reef, measuring more than 300 square kilometers.

This significant humpback whale nursery, called the Yowjab in Dambinmangari, is traditionally managed by the Worrora people.

Dugongs, endangered marine turtles, Australian snubfin dolphins, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, and estuarine crocodiles have all been sighted sunbathing on the reef.

The reef covers more than 400 square kilometers, and the structure rises up to 4 meters above the water at low tide, generating deep channels.  
.You can explore Montgomery Reef by helicopter for a breathtaking overhead view.

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