The Authentic Beauty of Marina Serra’s Natural Swimming Pool in Italy

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The 16th-century stronghold of Torre Palane dominates the Marina Serra swimming pool, which was once known as “Canale del Rio” and it is still connected to a legendary historical narrative. According to myth, it was said that Satan himself unleashed his angry wrath upon this cove as a way of punishing a young prince who had broken a vow. The location, atmospheric surroundings, the waters’ purity and agreeable temperature, along with the shallow seabed, make it the perfect refuge for swimming and tanning. a traditional fishing ladder made of stone. This leads to a walkway that leads to the naturalistic swimming pool.

This natural pools in the Mediterranean is concealed in a small town in the municipality of Tricase that is surrounded by a magnificent inlet of rock known as Marina Serra.

The magnificent southern peninsula of Apulia is marvelously encircled by three seas and is situated all along Adriatic coast of Salento. This fascinating area of the crystal sea is however a natural spot when the sunlight strikes the terrain, producing a distinct colored tone depending on the time of the day. It is confined by a wall of rocks that was formed by the activity of wind and water and is formed like a crescent.


In the region of Lecce, only 9 miles from Santa Maria di Leuca, lies the naturally occurring swimming pool known as Marina Serra, which has recently gained a lot of popularity through tourist attraction.
Simply travel to Lecce on the SS 16 motorway, then proceed to San Cataldo along the southern coast by taking the Via del Mare road. Depending on the season, parking for your automobile is not a problem

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