The 14th Wara Art Festival will take place in Japan this year. This artistic occasion, termed “wara” in Japanese, is held at the Uwasekigata Park in the Niigita prefecture and features enormous sculptures constructed of rice straw. The artworks are all connected by the idea of  the theme for 2022 which was “things that promote enjoyment.”

To get rid of extra rice harvest straw, the Wara Art Festival collaborates with Musashino Art University. University art students take on the unusual task of building wooden constructions that are then covered in piles of straw. Last year’s exhibit featured enormous, terrifying beasts, but the gallery for 2022 takes a friendlier tack.

For instance, two of the sculptures made of straw that represent joy have a maneki-neko, often known as a “beckoning cat,” which is a common symbol of good luck.

A sculpture of a pine tree, a representation of wisdom and longevity, and a depiction of the qilin, a legendary Chinese creature which is thought to bring happiness everywhere it goes, are both featured in another magnificent piece.

Source: mymodernmet

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