Stunning And Rare Mammatus Clouds Form On Argentina Skies (Pics, Video)

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Stunning And Rare Mammatus Clouds Form On Argentina Skies (Pics, Video) 

MAMMATUS FORMATIONS: Sky full of cotton wool ball clouds that look like they’re ‘from another planet’ stun residents in Argentina as beautiful Mammatus formation appears on overcast day

An unusual weather phenomena wowed residents in Argentina due to the rare cloud formation that looked like a series of giant balls of cotton wool.

The overcast sky changed to Mammatus clouds last week over Casa Grande, Cordoba .

The weird cloud formation, while looking beautiful, can warn of potentially violent thunder storms.

The footage was uploaded to the internet last weekend and has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

People viewing the video described the clouds as ‘marshmallows’, ‘cotton wool’ and ‘freaky’.

The video was accompanied by a description: ‘Late Saturday afternoon the sky was covered with these unusual clouds that made us feel as if we were trapped in a vivarium, then came the strong storm with lightning, winds, and hail.

We were lucky to have been there to capture this strange phenomenon, which may be a product of weather manipulation.’

Viewers were amazed at such a mesmerising sight. ‘Those are the prettiest clouds I have ever seen,’ a user commented. Some called them, ‘Marshmallow clouds’.

A person wrote with humour, ‘Wait? So you are telling me that’s not cotton and you didn’t shrink yourself down to fit in that miniature forest?’

Another said: ‘That’s so freaky, I’d be staring at it all day if I could.’

Others said the clouds ‘could be from another planet’ and another viewer suggested they got the ‘heepee jeebies’.

A final viewer added: ‘This is beautiful. We truly live in paradise.’

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