Sail Amsterdam

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A marine time event called SAIL Amsterdam is held every five years in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is one of the biggest event in the City. In this great event, Tall ships come to the city from different part of the world to anchor in its eastern harbor. Unfortunately  because of COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 event was canceled.

History of this Great Event

Under the title “Sail Amsterdam 700,” the celebration of Amsterdam’s 700th anniversary took place for the first time in 1975. As a result, the Stichting Sail Amsterdam was founded (SSA, Foundation Sail Amsterdam).

What to expect in the great event.

 SAIL Amsterdam, there are a lot of thing to expect during this great event. There will be enough to do even if you aren’t out on the water because the city center will be divided into regions, or “Oceans,” all through the festival. The SAIL Music Marina’s cultural program, which featured performances by the Famous Royal Concertgebouw band Orchestra and a variety of pop acts. The evening programs also end with a stunning fireworks display.

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