Sad News as TD Jakes daughter shares disturbing news to her followers

Cora Coleman Jakes is the eldest daughter of televengelist T.D Jakes. She is also a pastor , she’s one of the speakers that usually speak on the woman thou art loose conference hosted by her father Bishop Jakes. 

Cora has been married to husband Richard Coleman since 2011 and have 2 children together. The year 2022 should be their 11th anniversary however that won’t be the case as the Bishop’s daughter has announced the sad news

This evening the author has announced that she and her husband have decided to get a Divorce. She didn’t give further information on why they reached that decision and how but asked for privacy. The couple have had challenges in their marriage but they’ve succumbed them all and proved to be strong.

On her latest post on Facebook Cora announced the Divorce. Probably the couple’s marriage has reached the final stages and nothing can help save it. Cora’s father is known for giving couples advises, probably this time it didn’t work. This might be the hardest thing a person can ever go through especially when they’re in the public eye. However a person should always choose peace and their own happiness.


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