Quickly Eliminate Toxic Belly Fat by Following These Fast 6 Easy Methods


Nutrition — not ab crunches will eliminate your body fat

Quickly Eliminate Toxic Belly Fat by Following These Fast 6 Easy Methods

It seems to grow in popularity yet appears to be one of the most challenging body shaping tasks around.

So many of us suffer from the over-accumulation of fat around our midsection.

Who’s to know the main culprit of belly fat — other than years of neglect in doing anything about it.

It might seem harsh and a little bit in your face, but it’s the truth.

Many of us are faced with dissatisfaction with our bodies because we failed to see the mistakes when we first made them.

It takes courage to be honest with yourself.

But let me ask you this — if you won’t be honest with yourself about habits, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, who else will point it out to you?

Everyone else is too busy solving their health or fat loss goals.

I’m pointing this out to you because it’s the most basic — yet the most ignored reason we get to this stage.

We realise our neglected health at a particular time in our life (usually when we are struck by disease). But, unfortunately, we’ve ignored all the vital signs.

If you want to make the change, It’s possible.

It’s not easy, it might take a very long time, but it is yours for the taking if you want it enough.

Health problems derived from belly fat require simple nutrition & exercise habits.

What are the types of belly fat?

We have two types of fat.

One is subcutaneous; just below the surface, you can pinch with your fingers.

The second type is visceral fat.

This is actually inside the abdominal wall.

So when you lose visceral fat, it will decrease the size of your waist, but the fat around your belly is subcutaneous.

Did you know that visceral belly fat degrades muscle quality and increase belly fat?

It would be best to keep this in mind when understanding why belly fat is such a challenge to lose.

You are dealing with two kinds of fat deposits, plus the decrease of muscle quality around the belly.

These fat stores can be targeted with conscious and consistent effort, both in the kitchen and with exercise.

Six ways to eliminate belly fat for good

One: Sprint intervals

I talk about HIIT a lot because it works well and increases your caloric burn after your session.

Get on a treadmill, and sprint for 20–30 seconds, resting for 60 seconds.

Sprint should leave you breathless and needing to rest to catch your breath.

It’s best to reserve spring for 20–30 minutes at the most, two times a week.

It’s pretty easy to increase cortisol to a higher level by going over this mark.

But, you don’t need to do much more.

Instead, spend time in active recovery by walking or mind-body exercises (yoga, pilates etc.).

If sprinting all out is hard for you, aim to start slowly and keep increasing your speed as you get stronger.

Two: Diminish your rest/recovery periods when training

Shaving part of your rest time makes the workout a lot more challenging.

Cut rest periods down to a minimum of 60 seconds.

This protocol produces more lactic acid buildup, increasing the fat-burning hormonal response in your body.

The workout may only last for 30 minutes to an hour.

However, it does get intense when you don’t allow recovery in between sets.

That’s why this slight shift in your training works so well.

You aren’t increasing your reps and sets — you’re just not allowing your body to recover fully, so it’s on overdrive trying to catch up.

Massive fat-burning potential here.

Use this method if you can’t perform sprints.

Three: Eliminate all processed foods from your diet

That means no sweets, bread, pasta and anything that takes up real estate on a supermarket shelf.

This could be one of the things holding you back right now.

Of course, refined carbs are unnecessary for your diet — but they might be a hit with your taste buds and cravings.

Save your precious calories for wholesome, nourishing vegetables, fruits, poultry, fats and carbs.

End those sugar-filled liquid calories, chocolate and instant gratification foods.

Four: Fat sources is essential for your brain, body and weight loss

Fat in fish, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados and nuts should be your diet staples.

They increase fat burning and provide you with the necessary fats your brain needs while decreasing the odds of inflammation.

I love to use cold-pressed Greek olive oil in my salads and on my smashed avocado.

However, don’t use olive oil for cooking at high temperatures, as it becomes rancid. If you want to fry in oil, use coconut.

Better still, if you love fried food, don’t torment yourself.

Get an air fryer instead! I love mine

Five: Try and avoid wheat, corn and grains

Most of us find corn, wheat and grains hard on our guts

It can be pretty harsh due to the chemicals they contain.

These tend to be genetically modified, which can have adverse long term effects on our health.

If you love these fats too much to give up, try organic and non-GMO varieties.

See if it impacts your gut, moods, and sleep patterns.

These small things add up to cause many problems for your future health.

Six: Take care of your gut health

As stated above, a bloated belly may result from gut sensitivities.

Take care of your gut by feeding it pre and pro-biotics by eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and consuming fermented milk.

Eating lots of green vegetables helps feed good guys in your gut.

Seven: Fibre-rich foods

Make sure you consume above and beyond your quota of vegetables — including all colours while making sure they are in season.

Try inulin, flax-meal, and an entirely natural supplement if you want to add more.

A word of warning — Inulin can cause some diarrhoea. Start small and build up.

These sources will help you go to the bathroom a lot easier.

Key Takeaways

These seven easy to follow belly fat loss rules have helped me attain a slim midsection for years on end.

They are simple and easy to structure into your daily food intake, even if you’re on holiday.

I don’t mention supplements or any other added garbage.

You don’t need them in your life and burn a hole in your wallet.

Please keep it simple and easy to follow as a lifestyle habit.

Giving your body what it needs to function at its best will set you apart from those who’ve been on the journey forever and still don’t see the results they want.


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