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Though the battle with Ukraine has lasted more than 130 days and Moscow’s forces have suffered significant losses, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said that, this is just the beginning of the battle. 

According to the outlet, Putin stated, “It’s a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it appears to be going in that direction.” Everyone should be aware that, generally speaking, we haven’t even begun anything seriously yet, he stated.
Putin was quoted by the Associated Press saying that it was obvious “the West wants to fight us till the last Ukrainian” during a meeting of the Kremlin parliament. 

Putin also stated, according to the AP, that Ukraine would find it more difficult to negotiate a settlement with Russia if it continued to refuse to participate in peace negotiations.

According to the outlet, Putin added, “We’re hearing that ukraine want to defeat us on the battlefield.” Let them to try.

Source : Business Insider

By Marvellos Yunusa

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