Proven ways to look and feel attractive


Proven ways to look and feel attractive

Even though outward appearance plays a key role in looking and feeling attractive, it is not the only thing affecting it. The way we feel on the inside is largely reflected by how we look on the outside. That’s why it’s essential to feel happy and content, as only then you’ll look and feel your best. We could even say that looking and feeling beautiful are intertwined and connected. In order to be beautiful and attractive to others, first you need to feel that inside yourself.

So, if you’re not completely satisfied with how you look and feel, wearing expensive clothes or makeup probably won’t hep you feel better about yourself. Instead, you can utilise a number of methods which will help you look and feel attractive.

Proven ways to look and feel attractive

Boost your self-confidence with a pep talk.

Self-confidence is essential for our general well-being and advancement in life. And sometimes, due to some daily situations, we find it hard to feel self-confident. What boosts our self-confidence is when people notice and point out some good qualities we have or if they praise us for something we did. However, you don’t have to wait around for those compliments- you can give them to yourself. Although it might seem silly to you, saying some positive things to yourself in the mirror can help you appreciate yourself more. Self validation is just as important as validation from other people. So, spending some time acknowledging these positive things about yourself can help you experience them more realistically. And when you are aware of your positive qualities, you feel more self-confident and you’ll simply radiate beauty and self-assurance.

Getting dressed up will help you look and feel attractive

Now that you have boosted your self-confidence as an initial step towards looking and feeling attractive, you can focus on boosting your appearance. How other people see and perceive us is essential. Even though it’s not completely fair, judging somebody by their appearance is something we all do subconsciously. 

Dressing well doesn’t mean you need to wear expensive designer clothes, rather, it means that you should do your best to always look tidy, fresh and clean. Your clothes should be clean, wrinkle-free and appropriate for your age. Your hair should be neat and tidy and if possible you can take care of your nails. Regardless of where you go: to work, to the gym, shop or perhaps to the child care centre, you should always look your best. Of course, diverse situations require different types of clothes – it’s key to remember this. However, the aforementioned basics remain true for all situations.

try to maintain a strong posture

Mind your posture

Good posture is essential in maintaining a positive self-image. Some studies that were conducted found that people who do their best to sit up straight feel better about themselves. They also feel more confident and powerful. Researchers found a connection between an straight posture and decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in addition to increased feelings of power. For men, they also found an increase in testosterone levels. 

So if you’re not feeling happy in your own skin, you can consider working on your posture. You can do some exercises to strengthen your back and shoulders which will help you sit and stand straight.

Experiment with your look (sometimes)

If you found the look that works for you, that’s great. However, what can happen is that we can quickly get bored with the same old look. Changing your look is quick and easy, and you don’t need to spend lots of money. It can b as simple as wearing a new lipstick colour or perhaps trying a new item of clothing from a brand you’ve never tried before. A refreshed look will help you discover something new and it will help you to look and feel attractive. After all they say variety is the spice of life.

Get well-rested

They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason, a good nights sleep is essential for keeping you well and helping you get a fresh, well-rested look. Out of all the things in life you might skimp on, sleep shouldn’t be one of them. As far as the optimal number of hours you should sleep, it varies from 7 to 9 hours for a quality night’s sleep. It can even be less as long as it’s quality. The hours that we sleep allows the body time to recharge and repair itself

Quality sleep has the power to slow the process of aging a bit and it prevents fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. Try out these beauty sleep tips that help you wake up beautiful.

pampering yourself is important to feel attractive

Pamper yourself and you’ll feel great

Pampering yourself is a fantastic way of helping you look and feel attractive. You can even go all out and treat yourself to a relaxing spa day (voucher sites like Groupon or Wowcher are great for cheap deals) or you can DIY it at home. Start with your hair – pamper it with some rich nourishing hair mask, and you’ll see how shiny, voluminous and soft it will look. You can also pamper your skin with different kinds of products such as exfoliators, overnight sheet or bubble masks, serums and creams. The end result will be soft, radiant skin.

Engaging in physical activity will help you feel attractive

Being physically active is essential as it maintains our mental and physical health. When we engage in physical activity a few times a week, we instantly feel energised and better about ourselves as fee good endorphins are released. Physical activity can also boost our self-confidence. Workouts are a powerful tool in making us look and feel more appealing, and that’s why we should indulge in them.

Be positive and enthusiastic

Nobody likes spending time around people who are always negative and who often feel down or blue. It easily transfers to other people in the near environment. You should always try to find something positive in whatever happens. Being positive and enthusiastic makes you more appealing, trustworthy and soothing to people around you.

The modern, image-obsessed world is full of everyday challenges but with a few simple changes we can look and feel attractive. If you think your friends and family would love to read these tips, please give the post a share on TwitterPinterest and Facebook.

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