A piano instructor who recorded and photographed students while “upskirting” them has been imprisoned.

In order to “prey on innocent and vulnerable children for his own sexual enjoyment,” Ben Thomas, of Hessle, Yorkshire, used his position of trust improperly.

The 30-year-old allegedly asked an eight-year-old girl to kiss him and dance nude for him in a series of improper texts sent to her, according to evidence presented before Grimsby Crown Court.

Humberside Police detective constable Becky McInnis commended the victims’ bravery for coming forward.

The way Ben Thomas acted, she claimed, could only be defined as dishonest.

He took advantage of the most defenseless people in our society—those who looked up to and trusted him—by preying on them.

I’m glad he’s getting punished now for his reprehensible behavior.

Thomas entered a guilty plea to both the charges of taking and owning obscene images and recordings of children.

He received a 10-year order to prevent sexual harm as well as a two-year prison term.

“I hope the outcome will provide victims with some consolation in knowing that, by having the courage and strength to come forward, they have undoubtedly prevented others from falling victim to this man’s acts,” DC McInnis said following the sentencing.

What is upskirting?

Upskirting typically involves someone taking a picture under another person’s clothing without their knowledge, with the intention of viewing their genitals or buttocks (with or without underwear).

It has been a specific criminal offfence in England and Wales since 2019.

Where committed to obtain sexual gratification, it can result in the most serious offenders being placed on the sex offenders register.

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