Parents beware: Six Signs Your Child Is Getting Bullied In School


Parents beware: Six Signs Your Child Is Getting Bullied In School

Bullying in the boarding school and also day school is becoming rampant these days. There are series of heart breaking stories of students that lost their lives while in school. There are a few signs that parents should watch out for when your kid is being bullied;

1. Withdrawal

One sign of bullying is the fact that the child will withdraw himself from friends and families. The child would want to be by himself most of the time, they will hardly socialize. A child that is being bullied will become a shadow of himself.

If your child used to be vibrant and playful and then suddenly he starts keeping to himself, he may be getting bullied in school. Try your best to find out the reason behind his new attitude.

2. Constantly requesting for foodstuff and money

If your child is in boarding school and he is constantly requesting for provisions and money despite giving him enough, it is a huge sign of bullying. Alot of bullies take the food and money of the kids they torment, this will cause the child to request for new

3. Begging to quit school

Alot of kids actually enjoy going to school but if your child is pleading to drop out it is a sign that the child is being bullied.

A child who is being troubled at school will never want to go back to that school, he would also beg his parents to change his school. Parents should pay more attention when their kids ask for a change of school, do not force the child to go on.

4. Crying during visiting hours

If you visit your child in boarding school and he keeps crying and begging you to take him home, then he is being bullied in school. Kindly calm your child down and allow him explain everything he is going through properly. Do not just ignore his cries and see them as nothing.

5. A child is also being bullied when he gets frightened by every little sound. This may be as a result from fear of being bullied in school. Try and watch your child closely for any unusual behavior. Check if his behavior has changed since he started attending boarding school.

6. When your child makes up different excuses to come back home from boarding school, or to avoid going back to school. The child can even pretend to be sick in other not to go back to school. This is one major sign that your child is being bullied in school.

This is why parents are advised to have a good relationship with their kids, this will make the kids comfortable enough to tell their parents what they are passing through.

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