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Outburst on social media as white woman is spotted hawking on the street

Outburst on social media as white woman is spotted hawking on the street

The photo of a white woman hawking on the streets has gone viral on social media and sparked reactions from netizens

The woman was captured on camera selling on the streets on of Mombasa, Kenya.

Twitter users were interestingly not amazed at the sight as many claimed it is not strange even for a foreigner in any country.

In the photo, she could be seen carrying a local snack known as mandazi and walking off as another hawker and a security guard stared at her

@Abrahalm; Don’t you think the post is a bit primitive? So you’ve already condemned the African folks to lowly jobs & whites to the best of the best?

@AmosWasike4; Whats unique in white? White, black, dark or coloured are one people. God’s creation. Do not read much in white, coloured or any colour all are God’s creation and image. No work goes with colour of ones skin. Work is passion, and skill not skin

@ericsurungai; CIA agent. They are everywhere worldwide. Next time the US government issues a travel advisory, don’t wonder how they get to know some issues before the local government.

@Philosopher254; Probably a spy. The only way she can walk up and down same street for weeks with everybody convinced she’s hawking mandazi while she’s on something….

@fazalim19;One thing about them is that they are not ashamed of their hustle…that’s why they make it. Let’s learn..

Shadrack_NBSO; So, she is just okay and fine, this stereotype of giving credit to the white people that they can’t do some work and that work is only preserve for black is so ancient, we at not in the slavery era, those days are gone and I consider every person equal no matter what they do.

@king_kolloh; Two people hawking and you only saw a white woman

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