OPINION: Why BBN Winner White Money Is Currently Being Hospitalised

OPINION: Why BBN Winner White Money Is Currently Being Hospitalised

Hazel Oyeye, popularly known as White Money, has been making headlines since he emerged winner of the BBN show. He reportedly won 90 million naira, and his winning brought joy to many of his fans around Nigeria. However, it was recently revealed that the reality TV star is currently being hospitalised. No reason was given, but in my opinion, there is an obvious reason why White Money is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.Since White Money emerged winner of the show, he has been going to several places and meeting a lot of people. He has gone for several interviews and media rounds and it is apparent that he is the busiest among all the BBN contestants. These travellings and interviews get to take a toll on a person when they become too much. White money is a human and he obviously needs rest, but since he won, he has been seen in different occasions and in different interviews, and this seems to be too frequent. It is pertinent to note that when a person becomes so busy and doesn’t rest, such a person can fall ill.I believe what White Money needs now is rest as this would help him gather enough strength to continue with the interviews and meetings. It is also Important to note that while the housemates were in the house they were occupied with a lot of activities and tasks. This shows that what they need after the show is enough rest. However, White Money hasn’t been able to get this because of his current status as the winner of the show. This is apparently the reason why he is currently at the hospital.

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  1. Get well soon bro

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