Opinion: The Recent Surge Of ‘Kayamata’ and Why our Youths Must Be Careful.

Opinion: The Recent Surge Of ‘Kayamata’ and Why our Youths Must Be Careful.

The soclution to several problems often begin when the right questions are asked. Rather than asking the right questions, the society usually prefer to comment frivolously and trivially on some unimportant issues, while several other critical matters of concern are left unattended. 

The days of advertising dignity is fast disappearing. Today, many things that should bother us unfortunately excites us and vice-versa. Could it be true that a woman would take delight in using a love charm to winning a man’s love? I have been hearing of “Kaya mata” and the momentum it is gaining in our society. Some women and men according to reports, spend millions to acquire these products.

Sample of Kayamata

Turning a man into a “love fool” with a charm is not winning his love but infringing on his freedom. Love is expressed in freedom. If freedom is removed, there is no love. Several relationships are rocking the boat today because many of them are not natural

These sexual enhancers popularly referred to as Kayamata is widely common and used mostly in the Northern parts of Nigeria by both sexes; the women and men.

You that is called “Angel” today by the caged man in your box of love charm, will be called “monkey” when that box will be destroyed. “Love is not by fire by force, it comes from the heart”

It is evident that there are lots of dangers and side effects with the use of traditional ecstasy, but sadly, a lot of women and men do not seem to pay attention to them.

Youths are therefore warned to desist from the use of According to research by relevant agencies shows that the use of Kayamata has its benefits, but the side effects have overridden such benefits.

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