Npower: Payment Of Stipend Begins, Reveals Condition For Payment

Npower: Payment Of Stipend Begins Reveals Condition For Payment

Payment of stipend to bonafide Npower Batch C applicants commenced precisely yesterday, 8th November, 2021.

Most Npower Batch C volunteers have started receiving credit alert on their mobile phones, please if you are an Npower Batch C volunteer and you are yet to receive credit alert, please exercise patience and keep checking your email and SMS.

Alternatively you can check your payment status by visiting the payroll tab on the Npower NASIMS portal, if the payment status says “pending” it simply means that the delay is from your bank, and you will soon be paid, those Npower Batch C volunteers that are yet to see their payment history should exercise patience as the details are still being uploaded on the Npower NASIMS portal.

As long as you completed your Npower NASIMS physical verification exercise properly you will definitely be paid.

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