‘My Wife Has Guts! What She Did When I Lost My Job’ Man seeks advice


‘My Wife Has Guts! What She Did When I Lost My Job’ Man seeks advice

Men you need to hussle and if possible avoid marriage. The worst thing that can ever happen to a man is going broke.

Please I am not trying to poison anybody’s heart. It is good to fall in love and marry the right partner. I tell you most solemnly, until things get bad, you will never know the real attitude of your partner.

I remember when I lost my job and things became so bad that I planned to kill my self on a certain day, what stopped me from committing suicide was I fell into a deep sleep that I didn’t wake up till the next day at around 8am. On waking up i relaized that God did something to me that i couldn’t explain till today and the thought of suicide vanished

Back to my topic, there was a day during my times of trial and hardship that my wife told me she wanted to go and visit her male friend in his house, I stopped her by saying why will a married woman do that and you even have the guts to tell me. It ended in a fight, anytime we have any slight quarrel, she will pack her things and leave to her mum’s place and the family always support her actions without knowing from me what happened.

There was a time when our child was just barely few months old, i left the house for an interview, i trecked about 3km to the venue, she left him at home and went to only God knows where, only for her to call me that she has left the house and my son for me, that i should get home before he wakes up from sleep, i couldn’t wait for the interview to get to my turn, i begged a random person on the road and he gave me #1,000 that was after i begged more than ten different people with other refusing to answer me not to talk of helping. I ran home and thank God i met him just waking up. I took him back to the interview and a kind lady helped me with him until it got to my turn and i finished and went back home.

In the night at about 7pm while i was preparing to bath him, she entered the house and carried him to bath him, i didn’t utter a word and i forgave her.

Guys, you need to see how thin i became during those trials, no single food to eat. I became a shadow of myself, i became so shy of walking in public because of how frustrated i became. I have many experiences but i rest my case here.

The sad reality right now is that we are still married, while the good is that things have improved 10times better than it has ever been but i’ve placed her where she belongs. The only thing stopping me from divorce is what people will say and my image. Do you know that honestly she hasn’t learnt her lessons as she is still a problem to me, always nagging and i don’t have peace in my own house.

Right now i’m on the process of divorce and i’m building resistance to whatever people will say


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