My Experience When A Lady Walked Out Of The Wall Naked Into My Room – Apostle Micheal Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo is the instructor at the Cave Adullam Bible College. In his recent sermon, he revealed that sometimes, God saves us by refusing us certain things, because the day we touch it, we are gone.

He revealed that he went for a meeting at the⁸ in orientation camp for their power night. He said that virtually every Youth Corper, was on the floor and he had never seen that dimension before. He left that meeting, 3 hours later, people were still on the floor crying. It was so electrifying and while he was in the meeting, he stretched forth his hand and said “I judge the principality over this territory”, and while he was on his way home, the car tire in front exploded. They fixed it and as they were going, the tire exploded again. Then they stopped and began to ask for mercy.

“Because you hear a father makes a statement, don’t try it, arrogance will kill you,” he said. He laid down at home in Makurdi and was praying and then the Spirit of God carried his spirit and then he saw himself hovering around the city. He was shown different spots, the things that happened, and when he came back into his body and opened his eye, he saw a lady walk out of the wall naked. He wanted to stand up, but was held down, and her head was the head of a man. He said he saw her with a red apron, like a Babylonian prostitute and she walked around with much audacity.

Speaking further, he said that she walked around him and sat on his chest. He pushed her away but she didn’t even notice if something was touching her and he became confused if that being is a male or female. He then hit her in the back and when she turned around and he saw the face, he cried for mercy. The Lord save him, and lightly struck from heaven, and this being de-materialized.


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