With 305k followers, Michella has been actively documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram. Her social media posts showcasing the bump of her rare triplets, however, was what truly stunned online users.

Even before her due date, Michella gave birth to triplets through C-section in Copenhagen. She experienced a labor that was so prolonged and “crazy” on January 16 that she had problems breathing regularly afterwards.

She posted a photo of her sagging tummy with black markings on it 10 days after giving birth. It’s fascinating and stressful to watch how her body plans to heal, Morsi said on her Instagram account. More than 14 million people have watched her tiktok videos.

According to experts, despite a few minor difficulties, this is a condition known as Diastasis Recti, when the left and right abdominal muscles split to make more room for the lower abdomen with the uterus protruding.


By Marvellos Yunusa

SEO Expert, Information Scientist.

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