Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina marry in a private ceremony


Fabiola Valentn and Mariana Varela shared a video of their courthouse wedding and two years together.

Former pageant queens Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina have revealed a romantic secret: they are not only in a relationship, but they married last weekend.

After two years of dating, Fabiola Valentn of Puerto Rico and Mariana Varela of Argentina shared an Instagram video of their love.

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina, Fabiola Valentn and Mariana Varela, are getting married. Instagram photograph
“We opened the doors to you on a special day after deciding to keep our relationship private,” the caption said, surrounded by heart and ring emojis.

Highlights from their time together were shown in the video, including travel, cuddles, and the wedding proposal. On October 28, the couple married in a Puerto Rican courthouse dressed in white.

Almost 10,000 people have commented on the post. Miss Grand International 2020 winner Abena Akuaba said of the international beauty pageant, “Omg congratulations MGI brought together a beautiful union.”

“Beautiful congratulations, God bless your union, and long live love!!!!”

” wrote the previous year’s winner, Valentina Figuera.

According to NBC News, the couple met while competing in the Miss Grand International pageant in Thailand. They both made the top ten.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Argentina and has been legal in Puerto Rico since 2015, thanks to a US Supreme Court ruling….we have a small request. Every day, millions of people turn to the Guardian for open, independent, and high-quality news, and readers in 180 countries around the world now financially support us.

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