Man who previously spent £100,000 on Jurassic Park relics intends to purchase more


For Andrew Garthwaite, it’s memorabilia from Jurassic Park because the heart wants what the heart desires.

The 37-year-old is a maintenance manager who in his own time stuffs his cupboards to the brim with dinosaur memorabilia.

He even drives the famous Ford Explorer.

There is still money to be spent, according to South Shields, Tyne and Wear resident Andrew, who has already spent $100,000 on his collection.

Andrew desires to spend more money (Image credit: Mercury Press/Dave Charnley)

I don’t regret how I used my salary, the man claims.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop adding items to my collection because there is still so much product available for purchase.

“27 cabinets hold a third of my collection, with the remaining pieces being stored.”

I have around a thousand pieces, including 40 Jurassic T-shirts, 400 different dinosaur variations, and more than 40 different versions of the movies on blu-ray, DVD, VHS, cassettes, boxsets, and laser discs. In essence, every release of the movie is included in the collection.

I have the Barbasol can, a customized shaving cream can that Dennis Nedry used to transport dinosaur embryos from Jurassic Park, to mention a few of the noteworthy and instantly recognizable items.

He’s watched the movie over a hundred times. (Image credit: Mercury Press/Dave Charnley)

However, it doesn’t end there.

Along with night vision goggles, he also carries a John Hammonds cane with an amber top.

Some things are also exceedingly uncommon. Andrew even came upon a 1992 set of children’s toothbrushes that were still in their original packaging and a themed package of Christmas crackers.

He continues, “I have bought things from all around the world using social media and eBay.

I’ve had dinosaurs shipped in from Thailand, Thailand, and America.

“My automobile has got to be my priciest possession.”

‘It is a custom-built 1993 Ford Explorer duplicate that was imported from America and cost £15,000 to build in the UK.

Additionally, I have a kid-sized replica.

“I also have a $2,000 arcade machine and a $800 breakout T-rex statue,” the speaker continues.

The house has become completely dominated by Andrew’s collection (Photo by Dave Charnley / Mercury Press).

Rachael, Andrew’s wife, supports his collection since she understands how much it means to him. However, because the collection was taking over the house, he had to purchase a shop to hold it all.

Rexys Reviews: The Dino Den, the store in South Shields, invites other Jurassic Park aficionados to view the collection.

I have seen the movie over 100 times, the man claims.

It is a legendary blockbuster movie that debuted previously unheard of visual effects on the big screen.

The entire narrative enthralled people all across the world.

All these prehistoric qualities came to existence as a result.

His most valued property (Image courtesy of Dave Charnley/Mercury Press)

Nearly three decades have passed, but the movie is still well-remembered and adored by many, demonstrating the skill of the filmmakers and special effects crew.

“Demand and desire for dinosaur movies will always exist.”

They will always exist, but as science learns more about their appearance, the style and images may alter.

But the fascination with dinosaurs will always be popular.

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