Man documents the smallest passenger flight in the world, covering barely 1.7 miles.


A travel YouTuber described what it’s like to board the briefest passenger flight in history, which lasts just one minute and 14 seconds.

Digging into the details (Picture:

The footage was captured by Noel Philips while flying barely 1.7 miles between the Papa Westray and Westray islands in the Scottish archipelago of Orkney.

This specific route, which runs twice daily with Loganair, has a maximum capacity of eight people.

The 41-year-old explains that because the aircraft is so small, you cannot bring any hand luggage on board. Instead, when you board, everything must go into the boot.

The plane fits just eight passengers (Picture: Noel Philips / SWNS)

Noel, a resident of Mansfield, Derbyshire, emphasizes the popularity of these brief trips among travelers and aviation enthusiasts.

“I adore traveling on short flights like this and visiting some of the most isolated towns in the world,” he exclaims.

It’s incredibly simple to fly to Scotland from the UK since there are so many of these little aircraft linking the isolated settlements on the islands.

The planes that fly to these islands are relatively small; they resemble minibuses in size.

Several passengers on my trips were island residents who only wanted to take the world’s shortest flight.

However, it is also essential for locals to be able to reach Kirkwall and depart or enter the islands.

The environmental impact of the flying has been questioned by some, although the alternative is a 20-minute boat voyage across stormy waters.

The local government has discussed building a bridge to link Papa Westray and Westray, but nothing has been approved as of yet.

His view from the plane (Picture: Noel Philips / SWNS)
Noel timed his journey (Picture: Noel Philips / SWNS)

Due to its cost-per-mile ratio, Noel’s flight was one of the most “expensive flights” in the world at a total cost of £17.

But for Noel, who has taken some of the most unusual trains, planes, and transportation links, and who has reviewed the likes of the world’s “longest,” “worst,” and most “hazardous” trips, this was all just another day’s work.

For the past three years, I have worked as a full-time travel blogger, explains Noel. Prior to this, I had a side job as a YouTuber and worked as an IT consultant.

I’ve been interested in aviation since I was a very young age, and in 2013 I began sharing my enthusiasm with others on YouTube.

Since then, I’ve traveled extensively and recorded videos on all continents with the exception of Antarctica.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have what I believe to be the best job in the world, which involves traveling the globe on distinctive airlines while pursuing my passion, returning home to spend months with my family.

I still have more nations to travel to and airlines to fly on. When I believe I’ve “done it all,” I always discover another experience to add to the list.

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