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Man ‘Catches’ Lady who Duped his Client of N500k 5 Years at a Job Interview, Teaches her Lesson

Man ‘Catches’ Lady who Duped his Client of N500k 5 Years at a Job Interview, Teaches her Lesson

A Nigerian man, Ikechukwu Diamond, got a chance to deal with a lady who duped his client of N500k 5 years ago but instead did something interesting Ikechukwu who was part of an interview panel saw the lady who had also put in for the job and ordered the security personnel not to allow her to leave the premises The man’s colleagues then offered the lady a cup of tea after she shed tears upon recognizing him

A Nigerian man showed rare kindness to a lady who defrauded his client 5 years ago, an act that cost him N500k. Ikechukwu Diamond, in a lengthy LinkedIn post, recounted how the lady had sought a job at an organization he was part of the interview panel

He gave her a second chance Photo Credit: Ikechukwu Diamond Source: UGC He had recognized her as she entered the premises and immediately ordered the security personnel not to allow anyone to leave the area.

She was in for the shock of her life When it got to her turn to be interviewed, the lady received a huge surprise as she found and recognized the man on the panel as one whom she had defrauded. PAY ATTENTION: Join Telegram channel! Never miss important updates! The stunned lady immediately fell to her knees as she shed tears. The man surprisingly consoled her with a big hug. He was said to have forgiven her and allowed the lady to undergo the interview like every other applicant.

The lady eventually got the job. Social media reacts Chizurum James said: “Ignore these people that are telling you or asking you why you gave her a second chance? “Everyday we ask God for forgiveness and second chance and he always forgive us, but so many people today have unforgiven hearts, but they want God to forgive them. You did well @ Ikechukwu Diamond . Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

Temitope Olajide remarked: “Wow, Ikechukwu Diamond! I’m amazed. did she promise to refund the stolen fund? and her you comfortable with her handling the companies properties? I’m just wandering why you took such big risk. But true, we all deserve a second chance.”

Motunrayo Ojomo wrote: “Ikechukwu Diamond, why would you give a woman who stole from you, put you in trouble and made you pay debts and tarnished your company ‘s image another chance to work with you? What’s the basis? Is it that you can attest to the fact that she is repentant? “I’m dazed at how you met her after 5 years, the memory looms large in your heart immediately and you are not reluctant to bring her on board. It’s either 2 things for me, you have read Kenneth Hagins Love the Way to Victory or you’re led by God to overlook her flaws.”


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