Carl Jara, Karen Fralich, and Greg Grady have been creating their “larger-than-life” sand sculptures at Headlands Beach State Park over the past three days as a part of Headlands BeachFest.

The Headlands BeachFest, which took place on July 16 in Mentor and was highlighted by the Ohio Master Sand Sculpting Competition, was first held in 2014. The “ultimate beach party,” which took place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., included three world champion sand sculptors as well as all-day entertainment, interactive games, food trucks, and arts and crafts vendors.

This year’s Headlands BeachFest featured three world champion sand sculptors, Carl Jara being one of them. (The News-Marah Herald’s Morrison)

During BeachFest, Canadian artist Fralich of Toronto was carving King Neptune. Fralich was employed in a pottery studio before she began sand sculpting.

Fralich revealed that she adores every aspect of sand sculpture.

She praised it, saying, “I love the fact that you get to be very physically active, get dirty, be outside, meet people, and travel. It’s just fantastic.” “It has been a pleasure to participate in this festival. Its my second year here, and I’m thrilled to be back.

At this year’s Headlands BeachFest, Karen Fralich created a sand sculpture of King Neptune. The News-Marah Herald’s Morrison

A resident of Cleveland’s east side, Jara recalls how his high school teacher was constantly bored by his presence in her class. He claimed that Jara’s teacher had sent him down to the stage crew to give him something to do.

The supervisor realized right away that I was far too skilled to be creating backdrops, Jara said.

He asked me to cut out T-shirt designs for both his personal company and the stage crew. A sand castle and a dragon could be seen on one of the T-shirt designs. He explained that it was for the president of the International Association of Sand Castle when I asked what it was for.

When Jara was then asked to join, he said, “That’s ridiculous,” in response. He has now spent 31 years creating sand sculptures.

Without Dreams, There Exists Only Nightmares, was the title of Jara’s sculpture that was on display at BeachFest.

In essence, Jara said, “it’s a mother and child, and the child is dreaming away.” “I thought it would be interesting to show the concept of dreams as they fall apart. 
Five days on average are needed to construct a “larger-than-life” sand sculpture, according to Jara. In contrast, the entire BeachFest competition is completed in just three days, one of which also includes the preparation of the pile.

New Hampshire resident Greg Grady is taking part in this year’s Headlands BeachFest sand sculpture contest. The News-Marah Herald’s Morrison

According to him, there is something about this material that simply inspires creativity. “It’s three-dimensional sketching. Unless you’re fussing over your details, you don’t need to worry about this stuff. There is no need for power tools. Only you and this uncooked, visceral material are present.

Large sand sculptures, according to Jara, require the entire body of the sculptor.

This isn’t just scribbling away while sitting in a chair, he stated. It will continue to be recognizable to moths, but really only looks completely perfect fo some days.

One of the few occasions actually causes them to stay up is this.

When finished, a light sealant, which Jara describes as being a heavily diluted Elmer’s glue, is sprayed down on the sculptures.

Jara said that it produces a surface film that slightly hardens while also mentioning that he has been asked to sculpt everything. Jara makes an effort not to have his sculptures resemble self portraits when he works on them, but they all do in a sense.

He also stated that, “I carve a lot of women. “A local Akron firefighter taught me the fundamentals and connected me with other people who did this while I was learning how to do this. 

We collaborated for many years while I pursued a degree in graphic design and illustration in college.

Jara attributes his interest in sand sculpture to one of his college art professors.

He advised Jara, “You might want to keep going with that thing you have going with the sand that you’re not telling anybody about,” Jara recalled. He introduced me to a few other transient mediums.

Jara intends to keep sculpting in the sand as long as he is physically able.

The ability I have to earn money and lead a happy life because I am able to do the work I get to do, Jara said, is something I cannot deny. “I’m thankful I can do that, and I will continue to do so as long as I can.
. I appreciate Mentor constantly trying to host this event each year. This massive crowd of people is amazing.

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