‘Landlords forgot’ about the woman who died after lying on a sofa for two years.


A medical secretary who had been “forgotten” was found dead after more than two years on her couch, according to an inquiry.

Police infiltrating Sheila Seleoane’s London apartment in Peckham in February discovered her skeletal bones.

Following a “foul” scent coming from the house, neighbors had pleaded with authorities for a welfare check for months.

There had been reports of flies and maggots throughout the Lord’s Court apartment complex.

Sheila skeletal remains were discovered by police in February (Picture: BPM Media; SWNS)

Action wasn’t taken until Storm Eunice slammed the UK in February.

Sheila’s balcony door had been blown open by a strong wind gust, and the loud banging prompted additional calls for a welfare check.

Police have ruled out any suspicious circumstances surrounding Sheila’s death, which is believed to have occurred in August 2019, since they discovered her body.

Neighbours had complained of a ‘horrendous smell’ (Picture: MyLondon/BPM Media)

Since payments ceased, Peabody Housing has come under fire for neglecting to get in touch with the 61-year-old.

The housing association has submitted a request to have her rent paid straight from her Universal Credit instalments.

As a distressed neighbor earlier told the Guardian, “No one came to look for her.”

It’s difficult to comprehend why none of her friends, coworkers, or boss missed her.

This week, an investigation learned how Sheila last paid her rent in August 2019. Apparently, she passed away in that month, according to MailOnline.

Due to breathing problems, the 61-year-old had scheduled a second doctor’s visit but never showed up.

The only images that could be found of Sheila were passport photos at her flat in London

The following year, authorities attempted to enter her house to conduct a regular gas inspection.

They were unable to enter, and Sheila’s gas supply was turned off.

Wells Chomutare, the Peabody Housing’s director of neighborhood, testified at the inquest that he lacked the authority to compel entrance into the apartment.

“We did not connect the dots to construct a picture of Ms. Seleoane,” he continued.

In the wake of Sheila’s passing, Peabody has issued 37 recommendations regarding how they should handle their clients.

The event has reportedly left the staff “devastated.”

Residents had even burned incense to cover up the ‘rotting’ smell (Picture: MyLondon/ BPM Media)

The landlord has promised to get in touch with any tenants they haven’t spoken to directly in a year.

As a result of the new regulations, personnel will be alert for any behavioral changes, such as nonpayment of rent.

Shelia’s apparently unrelated relatives in South Africa have received her remains.

She was discovered wearing white blouse and pajama pants and was recognized thanks to her dental records.

Two months after her body was discovered in February, her funeral was performed.

There were only two attendees: an estranged brother and a representative from Peabody Housing.

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