LG UPlus (LGU+), a mobile service provider in South Korea, has teamed up with Cheongju University to create a metaverse campus for computer-savvy students used to studying online.
Through the “Meta-Life” metaverse campus, LGU+ and Cheongju University are collaborating to eliminate the divide between offline classroom learning and virtual learning. In a specially designed area modeled after 42nd Street, a significant crosstown street in New York City, students can attend classes, get career advice, and practice their English.
Residents of Cheongju, a city 110 kilometers south of Seoul, can use their avatars to travel to the campus of the metaverse. In addition, the university would facilitate two-way communication environment so that students would not just take information from their classes. It intends to use video games created by students on the metavase platform. 

Our metaverse platform will act as a catalyst for the integration of offline and online campuses and the revitalization of student communities, according to Hong Young-ki, a faculty member in charge of education innovation. “As the development of virtual convergence technology increases a desire to experience and learn in digital space,” he added.
The first university in South Korea to permit students to interact with professors and fellow students through avatars was Soonchunhyang University. In the midst of the pandemic in 2021, the university held a virtual entrance ceremony. Prior to the event, welcome kits with USBs, quarantine kits, and VR headsets were distributed.
11 million people have watched a video of the virtual entrance ceremony that was held in association with the well-known K-pop girl group aespa on YouTube. 

The girl group welcomed new students with a special performance  backdropped by the university’s facilities.
The mobile network provider LGU+ is based in South Korea and is owned by LG Corporation, of which LG Electronics is a part of. For its Web3 division, LG Electronics published a new job ad on November 7 in search of new CTOs.
The company’s official website states that LG Electronics is actively seeking a business CTO who will be in charge of creating new blockchain and Web3 ventures as well as establishing partnerships on the international Web3 stage. The company is also looking for a CTO with experience in service design to create dApps and carry out additional research on Web3 and blockchain solutions.
LG introduced its very own NFT platform, the LG Art Lab, in September.

Users in the United States have direct access from the Home screen to a platform that enables them to browse, buy, and sell NFT art.
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