After 46 years of marriage, a 68-year-old woman has finally given birth to twins in Nigeria’s Lagos state, an act that has brought her immense joy.

Tears of joy in the house of Nigerian parents after 46 years of barreness.


God came through for the family of Mr and Mrs  Adenuga after waiting for more than four decades before finally gave birth to twins miraculously.

Joy as oldest Nigerian Parents Gave Birth To Twins After 46 years of Barrenness

Indeed, what God cannot do does not exist. Mrs Adenuga who is 68years before finally gave birth to the miracle twin babies narrates her ordeals in terms of barreness and waiting on God for miracle. After all hopes has been dashed God showed up.

Mrs Adenuga has already attempted three failed IVF before naturally became pregnant.

Her Husband, 77-year-old Noah Adenuga revealed that they have been married since the year 1974 and has since then been waiting to give birth to first child.

Joy as oldest Nigerian Parents Gave Birth To Twins After 46 years of Barrenness
Joy as oldest Nigerian Parents Gave Birth To Twins After 46 years of Barrenness


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Despite multiple failed attempts to give birth, they never gave up on God.

“I had dream that we gave birth to children and I’ve always believed we will have them when the time is ripe.


” When we started I told my wife we will have it, I assured her that the children will come. I asked her if she believes she can still carry pregnancy at her age she said she believes then I told her certainly the children will surely come.” Noah told CTGN in an emotional interview.

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Narrating her ordeals, Margaret says she took alot of inspiration from her husband’s love and confidence in her. She noted that her husband was solely behind her although the long years of Barrenness and waiting despite intense pressure from friends, relatives and family to find another woman that will give him children after labelling her as barren.

After the long wait, God came through for them as they now have a boy and a girl born via C-section at  37 weeks by Dr. Adeyemi Okunowo.

The hospital noted this is the first they had delivery of babies from woman of her age.

Dr. Okunowo stated that they had to set-up a medical team to monitor her pregnancy progress due to her age.

The fourth IVF did the magic after three failed attempts and to everyone’s delight, they came as a twins.

We want to encourage every expecting mother not to give up. God that did it for this older couples will surely come through for you.

Congratulations to the couples.





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