Mzee Yosia Mwesigye had waited for 57 years to have a child in his previous marriage but his late wife could not bear him one The elderly man who remained loyal to his late wife, however, has no regrets about her failure to bear him a child Mwesigye married the love of his life, Jane Tukamuhabwa who is now deceased on April 25, 1962, while he was only 23 years old When they visited hospitals, they were told they were fertile but unfortunately, in 2005, Tukamuhabwa was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she died in 2018.

An 83-year-old man from Uganda is elated after he became the newest dad on the block after the passing of his 79-year-old wife who did not have any child.

Mzee Yosia Mwesigye (centre) carrying his newborn baby. Photo: Daily Monitor. Source: UGC

Mzee Yosia Mwesigye had waited for 57 years in vain to have a child in his previous marriage but he has no regrets about his late wife’s failure to bear him a child.

A report by Daily Monitor showed the elderly man married the love of his life, Jane Tukamuhabwa (now deceased) on April 25, 1962, while he was only 23 years old.

But the couple could not bear children. “When we visited hospitals, we were told we were fertile,” Mzee Mwesigye narrated. He remained loyal to his wife following the assurance from doctors. Unfortunately, in 2005, Tukamuhabwa was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she died in 2018. “We did everything together but it was so unfortunate that she passed on without giving birth,” he said.

Living with workers and adopted children Mwesigye said he lived with workers and some adopted children after the death of his wife but they would sleep in the boys’ quarters and he would sleep alone in the main house.

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That was when life turned against him and he thought of marrying a second wife. Mwesigye found love again when he was 79 years old. A few days later, Mzee Mwesigye’s sister brought him a woman at home for a visit, who later became his new wife. “I was excited to the extent that I even cried and asked one of my workers to slaughter a goat and that’s how I got my second wife Sharon Arinaitwe,” he says. Welcoming newborn baby After two years of marriage with Arinaitwe, now 29, he was informed that she was pregnant and on March 23, health workers at North-Kigezi Health IV Rugarama delivered a bouncing baby boy.

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“I am so happy that God has blessed me with a child at my old age. I never thought of getting one but I kept on praying and finally, God answered my prayers and now I am a father,” he said.

“Dying without a child is such a painful thing. In our African culture, one is only remembered when they leave a child on earth,” added the elderly man. He further noted that he used to wake up early in the morning, sit in his sitting room and ask himself how he would be remembered after his death since he had no child.

Convinced by sister-in-law Arinaitwe said she was convinced by her sister-in-law to marry Mwesigye. “We reached his home amid rain. I saw an old man and thought that his son was the one to marry me. Later in the evening, the man told me that he wants to marry me,” she said. “That is when I realised that my husband was an old man,” added the young lady. She described her husband as a good man who loved his family further promising to look after him until his death.

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Feredansi Tumushabe a sister of Mzee Mwesigye said he wanted to marry again and she accepted his suggestion. The 57-year-old said she started looking for a wife and three months later, she met Arinaitwe whom she convinced to marry her brother. Couple who waited for over 20 years Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian couple now has every reason to smile again after they had their first set of children. They waited for more than 20 years for the blessing. The development was announced by a family member, Faith Elvis Ovie, on Facebook on Saturday, June 12.


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