Joy As Lady welcomes child after her best friend mocked her for being ‘barren’

A Nigerian woman who recently gave birth after five years of waiting has penned a note to express her excitement.

Taking to social media, the latest mother shared a voice note from an acquaintance who rubbed it in her face of being barren.

“Barreness, barren woman; if say you get pikin now, maybe you for dey get job take care of the pikin. Based on say you’re barren and useless na hin make you dey disturb person; if you no get wetin to do, go hangg yourself and d-e,” the voice in the audio stated.

Narrating her story, the young mother wrote;

“It took us 5 solid years , 6weeks ,2days few hours and some seconds to make you …. (PERFECTION AT ITS PEAK 👌ISN’T IT ? 😁)

After multiple early pregnancy lost and 2 times IVF 2nd trimester TWIN pregnancy lost, my RAINBOW 🌈 came NATURALLY without us even trying but just a prophetic word from a pastor I never met …(brb lemme GBESE💃💃)

I got the most hurtful comments from people, like…..

1) Fair girls are river kids u need to do some sacrifice so they can release ur children …. don’t eat fresh fish don’t drink Fanta and some other bla bla bla 😁(me wey no dey use fish play, I didn’t stop eating it Incase u are wondering😋)

2) You offended someone so the person tied your womb ( ouch lol )

3) The most common of all is A BARREN WOMAN

( the voice u heard at the start is from a despirado girl AISOSA and her supporting partner in crime PRECIOUS who desperately wanted to take over my home “unknowingly to them I was 3months pregnant at the time she sent the voice note 😀😀😀”( some men will always stain your white sha😀)


LADIES and GENTLEMEN 🗣…..”coughs” (please don’t try to rush me🙄 I just had a baby😁)

….I present to you my heart, my kidneys

and some other vital parts of my being in form of “MY” CHILD 🤲”

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