Joy As Couple Who Was Told They Couldn’t Have Children Suprised To Have Five Including Miracle Quadruplets ( pictures)

Couple told they couldn't make baby end up having quadruplets


Selina and Kev, a decorator, met in a local pub when Selina was just 19, and two years later they wanted to have a big family,  they started trying for a baby, after Selina’s doctors  told her she needed to get started as soon as possible,beause, she was difficult to have babies.

Couple told they couldn't make baby end up having quadruplets
Miracle babies

The below is the picture of the miracle quadruplets.

 After three years tried  to got pregnancy, so she didn’t have children  and then, she needed doctor’s helping, Selina was finally allowed to get I.V.F on the NHS. When Selina Torbett, 28, and Kev Ashe, 35, underwent years tried  of failed fertility but the first daughter Myla had through I.V.F but with just two frozen eggs left, the couple were desperate  to give her a sibling. and have now added to their family with quadruplets. Their dream become true.

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Selina explained: “We were trying all of those methods , we went every where to found the ways, but nothing was working. It was a very hard time.  Some time we gave up, But when we thought about a big family with children, we kept continute, we both wanted a family so much. When all of these things weren’t working, I feared we’d never be parents and we did talk about adoption and fostering.”A couple who were told they could never have kids now  they are happy in a big family with  five beautiful children.  Now three years old, Myla has her work cut out playing with identical triplet brothers and her little sister – the result of the two ‘last chance’ eggs, one of which split three ways. Selina, who works as a hospital ward sister, she never had periods, and suffered from POCS and endometriosis, so always feared she would have problems with her fertility.

fertility.Doctors warned her she would  never conceive naturally. The couple were even told by medics that they should stop  the development  quadruplets process  because of high mis-carriage risk , early labour and other complicaions, but Selina and Kev were desperate to give their babies a chance, believe in the miracle.

Selina, from Winchester, Hants, said: “It is unbelievable. We had one little miracle – then we had four more.”

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