Joy as 53-year-old Mother Welcomes her Third Child at 51 Years of Age.

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After having her third child at age 50 through IVF utilizing white sperm and egg donors, a Chinese-American mother who had previously declared that ethnicity is unimportant gave birth to her son’s twin at the age of 53 after a miraculous IVF procedure.

Thomas, 19, and Tyler, 17, are teenagers who live with their single mother Lan Ma in Pennsylvania. Toby, who is now two, was born in June 2019 via IVF.

The project manager gave birth to her biological sibling Tara November 19, who was also conceived via egg and sperm donations. She has raised both of her children alone and is sometimes mistaken for her two-year-old son Toby’s grandmother.

 Apparently, Lan’s friends were very skeptical about her being pregnant at such a late age, but that didn’t stop her from going after her aspirations and accomplishing her goals! 

Lan previously said how she and her family chose to use Caucasian egg and sperm donors to produce Toby because they believed that the child’s race was unimportant as long as the family had a history of good health.

The pregnancy was ideal,” Lan said. “I am in excellent physical condition and am quite healthy. Despite my advanced age, I lacked any. Age is only a number to me.

In total, Lan Ma has paid close to $30,000 on her IVF procedure and frozen embryo transfer. She lives with her family in a joyful and contented home and works from home. She never intended to date or be with anyone; all she ever wanted was to have children close by so she could watch them thrive and grow over the course of her life time.

I have no worries about being in my 70s while they are in their 20s, Lan said as she talked more about her life. Since I am healthier now than I was in my 30s, I have no reason to think that I will be weak and frail. My daily meditation, healthy eating, and exercise have changed how I feel, making me constantly calm and peaceful.

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