Indian Artists Pays Tribute to Queen Elizabeth with an Incredible Sand Sculpture.

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Queen Elizabeth II was honored in sand sculptures by well-known sand sculptors Sudarsan Pattnaik and Manas Sahoo after her death on September 8, 2022.

After months of concern about her health, Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday in Balmoral, Scotland. She was 96. Manas Kumar Sahoo, an internationally renowned sand artists from Odisha, made a piece of sand art for Queen Elizabeth as a tribute to the British queen with the longest reign.

Manas Kumar Sahoo carved a statue of the Queen out of sand on Puri’s Golden Sea Beach as a memorial to the monarch’s unfortunate demise.

On the Golden Sea Beach in Puri, Odisha, next to the lighthouse, Manas Kumar Sahoo created a sand sculpture of the Queen as a memorial to her sudden departure.

He worked on it for around five hours total. The 10-foot-long work of sand art took over 5 tonnes of sand to create. Additionally, it has a tribute to the Queen statement engraved at the base of the sculpture.

Heartfelt Tribute to Her Majesty #QueenElizabeth II, the world has lost a magnificent personality, Pattnaik tweeted alongside a photo of his most recent masterpiece.

740 roses were installed as part of my sand sculpture at India’s Puri beach. On Twitter, Manas Sahoo also posted an image of the Queen’s sand sculpture that was created at the Puri beach.


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