There is a wide range of us, and each of us is special – unique! REPTA was created in my dreams a long time ago… It takes the place of the most mysterious alien race – the “reptiloid” – in the diversity of living beings.

I portrayed her as a reptilian-girl with appealing aesthetics. She is unique while also being her own, earthly – “home”.

The doll was made using a technique involving a large-scale silicone mannequin with an internal movable skeleton. Ecoflex 00-20 was used to create this piece. Glass eyes, reptilian coloring… 77 cm in length.

The doll was created as part of my “Aesthetics of Other Worlds” collectible series, as a visual attempt to humanize the universe of alien beings.


By Marvellos Yunusa

SEO Expert, Information Scientist.

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