Incredible Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawings By Tomas Ostrauskas

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Lithuanian freelancer and portrait pencil artist Tomas Ostrauskas. Numerous times, the American art awards have nominated his pencil portrait works. He placed second in the American Art Awards in 2019 with his hyper-realistic pencil drawing of a Ferrari. The top 25 American galleries and museums judged his pencil drawings. The majority of his pencil drawings are exact copies of images of things like people, still life, common objects, and more. He just produced a pencil drawing of a portrait of his wife, and that picture took second place in the 2019 American Art Awards. Because of how photorealistic his still life pencil drawings are, we occasionally doubt if they are indeed pencil sketches. For his pencil drawings of portraits, he employs a gel pen and pencils. This is truly creative. You can scroll down to see most of his beautiful sketches.

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