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Danish artist thomas Dambo is known for his use of recycled materials in his creations. With a particular emphasis on his series of huge sculptures made of scrap wood that totals 25 units constructed in a variety of locations throughout the world over the past three years.

He has created a new set of six huge statues that may be found in green spots around Copenhagen, his hometown, utilizing a treasure map or words etched into stones beside each sculpture, with the assistance of local volunteers. Additionally, each of them carries the names of six of the volunteers. The artist wants to encourage people to recognize the enormous possibilities in recycling and providing better care for the planet. Scroll down below to see son of his beautiful artwork, don’t forget to like comment and share your favorite work.










This is truly Creative. To find more information about thomas Dambo wood sculptures you can visit his website, facebook facebook.and instagram

Source : visualflood

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