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A lovely day outdoors is enjoyed by all animals. Hiroki Takeda with the instagram profile, a Japanese artist, has created a collections of gorgeous watercolor paintings that beautifully portray the beauty of her love for art and the connection between her and animals. He creates animals with hidden gardens of flowers and grass by using a brilliant color scheme of pinks and reds.

These charming painting of cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, lizards, and other animals are inspired by botany. Takeda creates a natural paradise using the animal’s shape in each illustration. He fills the body with various types of plant life rather than giving it the texture of the species’ body.

Flowers grow from a dog’s head, soft bundles of leaves cover a kitten’s paws, and fanciful vines entwine themselves around the body of a huge rhinoceros. This is truly creative and clearly explains the term “every human being has one or more gifts to offer the human race.” You can shop for the original artwork here tricera.

By Marvellos Yunusa

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