In the viral video “She Loves Him So Much,” Annie Idibia Can’t Keep Her Hands Off 2baba as He Surprizes Her on the Set.

After surprising his wife Annie Idibia lately, popular Nigerian artist 2baba made her very happy. In front of her coworkers, the musician rushed a movie set to surprise the mother of his children. The incident was captured on camera and went viral. Nigerians used social media to respond to the trending videos, and many of them had insightful things to say.

Couple goals were recently set by 2baba and Annie Idibia, a well-known celebrity couple in Nigeria, with their heartwarming social media posts. The relationship between Annie and 2baba has a history of being rocky, but the musician’s most recent action showed that their love is still strong.

To surprise his wife in front of her coworkers, the famed musician invaded a movie set.

Stan Nze, a friend and fellow actor, recorded the tender moment on camera and posted it to social media.

In the video, Annie could be seen smothering 2baba with her hands as she held him close to her while he welcomed other set guests. Stan remarked on how Annie’s countenance had transformed as a result of her spouse and noted her wide smile.

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