I’m adopting the baby I found in the trash can when I was on vacation.


Jimmy Amisial’s life altered irrevocably while he was on vacation in his native Haiti.

The San Marcos, Texas-based student was traveling to the orphanage where he had been volunteering since he was a teenager when he noticed a sizable crowd of people gathered around a trash can.

He walked over to check what all the ruckus was about since he was curious, and when he did, he was shocked to see a four-month-old infant inside the garbage can, covered in ants.

Jimmy, a 22-year-old struggling student, discovered young Emilio in a trash can (Photo by Jimmy Amisial / SWNS).

Jimmy sprung into action, picking up the kid and bringing him to his mother Elicie Jean, 66, where they gave him a bath, dressed him in clothes, and fed him milk before taking him to get medical attention.

They reported the event to the police, who initiated a search for the boy’s parents but were unable to do so.

When a judge asked Jimmy, who was only 22 at the time, if he would act as the child’s legal guardian, the student replied in the affirmative.

Emilio was discovered coated in trash and ants (Photo by Jimmy Amisial for SWNS).

Since then, Jimmy, a student at Texas State University, has divided his time between the United States and Gonaives, Haiti, where Elicie is taking care of young Emilio Angel Jeremiah.

Jimmy has now submitted an application to legally adopt Emilio and take custody of him.

He was four months old when I found him, and he is now almost five, according to Jimmy, who is now 27.

I had no idea that my life was about to change drastically when I woke up that morning.

“I overheard them fighting over what to do with this little infant when they were swarming around this trash can.

No one wanted to assist; everyone was just staring at him.

Being Emilio’s guardian was a big responsibility, but Jimmy was confident that his mother would support him in every way possible.

“I had to do something,” you said. “He was crying, he had nothing on, and I could see the misery in his eyes.”

She was astonished when Jimmy brought the infant home to his mother, but she was eager to lend a hand in any way she could.

Together, they cleaned, dressed, and fed him milk. He was covered with ant bites from the trash, so they also took him to the doctor for a checkup.

After that, Jimmy called the police, who started an inquiry.

After a hearing on what should be done regarding the infant, a few days later, the judge asked Jimmy to serve as the child’s legal guardian.

Jimmy divided his time between working, studying, and taking care of Emilio. (Image credit: SWNS/Jimmy Amisial)

When I was asked to raise him, I remember lying awake for days trying to decide,’ Jimmy recalled.

“My family has always had a hard time making ends meet, and I was already overdue on my university tuition.”

But I didn’t have a father when I was little, and this poor youngster was doomed to an unpredictable and unstable life for the rest of his life.

I took a leap of faith because I had a feeling that everything had transpired for a reason.

Sometimes, all you need to do is be prepared to act; you don’t even need to know what to do.

After giving the judge’s request careful consideration, Jimmy decided to raise him with his mother’s assistance.

Jimmy is currently engaged in the legal adoption process for his kid (Photo by Jimmy Amisial for SWNS).

With Elicie caring for Emilio while Jimmy studied and worked, he began a beautiful journey of learning how to be a parent and gave the baby the name Emilio.

Jimmy has had to put his education on hold for a long time in order to support his family, but he is now preparing to begin his third year of college in September.

The formal adoption procedure for Emilio has already begun, but he still has to fund $30,000 to finish it.

He’s a joy to be around, Jimmy said, and it’s been fun watching him grow.

He is fundraising to make it happen. (Image credit: SWNS/Jimmy Amisial)

He is adored by Mom, the children in the orphanage, and me as if he were my own child. He is a very unique young child.

It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve loved seeing him mature; I’m very proud of him.

I’m thankful for the past four and a half years because I had to do what I had to when no one else wanted to.

I genuinely feel like a father, and I’m eager to declare Emilio to be my son in writing. However, I must first raise the necessary funds.

“I’m delighted I had the chance to make his life into a magnificent gem from being abandoned in the trash.”

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