‘I Flushed His Ring In The Toilet, Called Off Our Wedding After I Saw This’ – Lady Narrates


‘I Flushed His Ring In The ToiletCalled Off Our Wedding After I Saw This’ – Lady Narrates

I see a bunch of threads here created by guys who see nothing good in the women folk, but if I start writing about the evils that men commit, the mods may move the thread to the literature section.

My Experience

I am pretty, well kept and groomed and at an age where although I may not be a spring chick, I am still young enough to attract attention from guys in their early 20s who have no qualms about toasting their elder sister’s age mates. I have had my fair share lovers but I am currently sworn off men till such a time I recover from the trauma of my latest experience in the hands of the ‘ejaculating gender.’

My now ex, let’s call him Kingsley was supposed to be a godsent. He is fair, heavily bearded, handsome and a single father. He is also terrible in bed. TERRIBLE. He doesn’t last more than 4 minutes, and once he reaches the four minutes mark, he spurts his disgusting seed into the condom and goes limp for the rest of the time with him. Even if I squeeze and massage his small member like bitter leave, he will remain limp like golden penny noodles.

That did not stop me from giving two years of my life to him because I genuinely loved him and felt I could cope with the terrible sex; man shall not live by nacks alone. I had met his family, he had met mine, we were literally 5 and 6. We fixed the wedding for January 8 next year. I’m looking at the stupid IV as I’m typing this.

So we closed for the year at my work place on December 24th and I decided to spend the evening with him. We had agreed that no more nights over till the wedding since it was barely a month away, so we might as well start living right before God. None the less, I had closed by 2pm, I didn’t look forward to spending the whole evening in my hot apartment alone so I, against better judgement went to his place and let myself in. His line of work doesn’t give him the luxury of closing early like me, so the apartment was also empty but he has a generator and AC.

I settled in, began watching movies on his laptop. I don’t know the devil that pushed me to leave the film I was watching to start snooping through his files. In my two years of dating I have never gone through his phone or PC because if you cherish your peace of mind, never snoop through your partner’s devices otherwise you will see things. What you are looking for, you will find it.

He has this folder in his laptop called ‘Don Quixote.exe’ which I see all the time. I asked him what it was some time back and he casually said they are program files and if I mess with them, I will disorganize his laptop. The same devil I had earlier mentioned pushed me to open Don Quixote, and behold, what did I see?

Gay porn. Man nacking man. Woman nacking woman. My fiance is gay, I think. Or bi-sexual. I don’t know. My hands are shaking again.

I’m so hurt. Photos upon photos of homosexual and lesbian contents. But this is not where the story ends.

After the initial shock of these disgusting photos, I was confused, shocked, disappointed. I quickly shut down the laptop, prepared dinner (Indomie) and cried myself to sleep on the bed because I’m a very emotional person. I took Lexotan so I could sleep.

Around 10, I think, Kingley came back. He didn’t know I was in the house because I left the lights off. He, however didn’t come back alone. He came back with a guest. A male guest. I know this dude is his lover because I know him from the office and I have always been suspicious of his sexuality. What kind of masculine man wears purple skinny jeans and wiggles his bum when he thinks no one is watching? I also saw a TikTok video of this guy dancing, wiggling his bum and twirling his dreadlocks?

That is the colleague Kingley brought home by 10 in the night.

Anyway, Kingley walked into the bedroom, saw me and the guilt written all over his face made me ask him who was in the parlour with him after hearing another male voice. When he couldn’t give a coherent answer, I went to the parlour and saw Uncle Purple Skinny jeans. Now added to the gay porn I discovered in his laptop, you will not blame me for having a meltdown. I yelled, screamed, cussed, threw his ring into the toilet and flushed it. I ordered Uber to my parents house that night and spent 25th chopping breakfast with tears.

Two years, with a bi-sexual man. Or maybe he is gay himself. I don’t know. He has been begging me not to expose him to his family, but it’s too late. I have told my family and they intend to formally let his family know that their daughter cannot marry a ‘confused’ man, as my father says.

What do men want?! Two years of my life, plus all the wedding expenses, gone down the drain. I am so heart broken and humiliated.

I don’t want to say men are scum because I have a wonderful father and loving brothers, so I will leave it. I’m done with men.


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