I Did My Best to Endure and Make It Work: Ooni of Ife’s Wife Queen Naomi Announces the End of Their Marriage, Sheds More Lights

It has turned out to be a really surprising morning for Nigerians as the Ooni of Ife’s queen, Nomi Silekunola has denounced the throne and ended her marriage to the king The mum of one took to her Instagram age with a lengthy post detailing how she endured and overlooked things in the three years she was married to the king Naomi also cleared rumours about how she got married to the Ooni and disclosed that she did not leave him because he reportedly married another queen

The wife of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Queen Silekinola Naomi has taken to social media with an update which has come as a rude shock to Nigerians. Taking to her Instagram page, the ex-queen thanked God for his faithfulness in the three years she has been married to the king.

Queen Naomi announces end of her marriage to the Ooni Photo credit: @queen_silekunolanaomi_ogunwusi Source: Instagram

Impressions corrected Naomi then went on to correct impressions surrounding how she got married to the king.

She also made it known that the decision to move on did not stem from the fact that the king married another woman. According to the mum of one, throughout their union, she was the only married woman to the Ooni. “Few impressions I would love to correct. If anyone knows otherwise, they are free to come up with facts. Let it be known that this decision to move on did not come because his majesty is married to another queen. As many would love to assume, throughout our life as a couple, I was the only married wife to him. There were side attractions, but it was never an issue.”

The ex-queen also noted that she endured the marriage and tried several times to make it work

“I did my best to endure and make it work; many times, I smiled through the struggle, but I have finally realised I had just one assignment, my son.” See the post below:

Reactions oluhdee: “What’s happening? No nowwwwww. Come on!” labeautyluxurystore: “The lord is your strength my Queen…..no one can understand except they pass through it.”

adesanyajuliana: “Wow! In all, thank God and move on. You know better, no one else will understand you no matter how much you explain. Do whatever gives you peace and happiness. I wish you the very best of life❤️” tadeboye72: “Olori, why, I love you so much with the grace you carry your position, may God continue to bless and guide your steps.” omonioladasmola_1: “Wooow. It’s well and I pray to God for his divine Grace and protection. Nothing is impossible for God to do and I believe only HIM can do what no man can do.”

busolaonthewingsofgrace: “Oh Lord God!!! Oooouch!! Jesus..please hold her hand pls..this is so sad!! So sad!!” muditayo: “Do what makes you happy,that’s what really matters. You have a beautiful life ahead. Go for it.” eleazerevents: “So so short of words, you are one woman I admire so much knowing how much you love God, God be with you and may he continue to direct your path.@queen_silekunolanaomi_ogunwusi.” Ooni of Ife’s wife eulogizes him in Yoruba The Ooni of Ife turned a new age and the king was celebrated by his wife, the palace chiefs, and his family members in a lovely way. Videos online showed that the Ife monarch was surprised by his wife Olori Silekunola, who gathered close people together to celebrate the king. According to her, her surprise was just to repay a little of all her husband has been to her and the community at large. She then sang a song to God who created her and gifted the king to her as a husband.


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