How to Make $1000 Monthly in Crypto Passive Income


Without selling NFT, trading, or buying risky coins, just saving.

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There are many ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies: buying and selling NFT, holding for long-term investments, day-trading, etc.

However, some cryptocurrencies allow you to earn money as a passive income; you just have to save it. There are two ways of doing it:

  • With liquidity pools, that are two types of cryptocurrencies locked in a smart contract used to facilitate trades between the assets on a decentralized exchange.

With the liquidy pools, you lock two tokens on a page, and it will give you crypto tokens in rewards.

  • With staking, that is the process of locking up one type of crypto to obtain rewards or earn interest that can be deposited daily, monthly, or re-staked.

In this article, I will show you how I’m making four figures monthly with them. Take into account that this post is for people that already have a previous base knowledge about cryptocurrency and how this world works.

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Choosing the best pages to stake your money.

You can use different pages to save your money, and depending on what you choose, you will have different rewards. Even popular exchanges are offering earn options, and they even include stable coins.

For example, Binance lets you earn money with BUSD, has earning options with USDC, and Coinbase with USDT.

However, if you want to take more advantage of your money, you should choose a blockchain with an external wallet.

Right now, I’m using Keplr with Osmosis because I have been reading the Cosmos ecosystem project, and I like what they are building. Also, Keplr have many staking and liquidy pool options with huge return percentage: You can have from 14% APR return to even 200% with different coins.

I also used Pancake swap for BNB-BUSD pools that gave me between 19% to 40% APX return.

For stable coins, I’m using Anchor Protocol. They have the best reward option for stable money (19% APY return), and it gives you the possibility to protect your deposit with different guarantee options.

I recommend checking out their project if you want to earn money by saving, but you don’t want to be involved in the volatility of crypto.

Make a crypto portfolio with the staking options.

Once you select the best exchange or wallet for you, make a diversified portfolio of different cryptocurrencies that can leave you different daily percentages. This will help you secure your daily return if a currency changes value.

My current portfolio consists of coins from the cosmos ecosystem and UST: Osmosis, Cosmos, Cro, Sentinel, Akash, Secret, and Juno. Here is my current distribution:

Staking portfolio and return, screenshot by the author

You can buy all those coins in the Osmosis app. For the Pancake swap and Anchor blockchain, I use Binance to buy the coins I want to stake and then send them to Terra and Metamask wallets.

If you are just starting, I recommend buying Osmos, Secret, cosmos, and Juno because of the airdrops. They are giving between 14% to 112% annual returns.

The good thing about staking and pools is that they give you the rewards daily, and you have the option to do whatever you want with the earnings.

Right now, I’m claiming all the rewards daily and trading them for UST. I’m only re-staking the 20% of the earnings because I want to increase my stable portfolio and play safe. But you can keep growing your portfolio until you earn a stable amount monthly.

Final thoughts

My final recommendation is to read the blockchain and crypto projects before making any investment.

High or low returns don’t mean more or less risk when it comes to crypto staking, so be sure to understand everything and make a decision based on the best opportunity for you rather than the best return.

Also, take into account that staking your money will lock it for at least 14 days, so make sure to use the money you won’t need if you have an emergency.

Some liquidity pools have one-day locked options, so if you want to start earning but are not sure you will keep the money there, I recommend starting with them.

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