How to handle a heatwave wedding

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Many educated guesses are made in order to account for the weather on the big day because weddings are planned months, if not years, in advance.

Even yet, it’s likely that you won’t consider making plans for a heatwave, much less one that might see the UK experience its warmest temperature ever.

The UK’s infrastructure isn’t particularly designed to handle very hot weather; for example, air conditioning is not a standard, making it difficult to escape the heat once it starts to build.

Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to help your wedding party and guests cope with the heat wave a little better.

We’ve compiled advice from Tracey Heyes, a wedding coordinator at the Stoke Place Hotel in Buckinghamshire, and Lisa Forde, the founder of the wedding stationery business Tree of Hearts, who has over two decades of experience in the marriage industry.

Tips to help your wedding guests cope with the heat

Add cooling party favours

There are numerous last-minute items you may purchase to make your guests feel more at home.

You don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable during the ceremony, especially if it’s outside, Lisa explains. Why not welcome guests with hand fans, water bottles, and parasols? They can take advantage of the service that way without melting away.

“After the ceremony, why not exchange your prosecco for one of several flavors of ice cream?” or include ice cream cones in your “Pimp your Prosecco” booth? They are cooling and delightful.

Someone is sure to have forgotten their sunscreen. You may either leave some on the floor or ask an usher to go around and see if anyone needs any. This sparks conversation and will result in a few laughs.

Continue to serve non-alcoholic beverages.

In the heat, it is relatively simple to become dehydrated, and this risk is increased when alcohol is used.

While it’s a tradition to host a magnificent drinks reception for your guests upon arrival and after the ceremony, frequently featuring beer and fizz, Tracey cautions that on a hot day, drinking is likely to severely dehydrate you.

Perhaps plan other non-alcoholic choices, such as hydrating mocktails that still look fantastic in participants’ photos, in addition to these cocktails. We discover that refreshing summer beverages and iced coffee are very popular.

ASK FOR HELP at the location

Remember that you don’t have to solve every issue relating to your wedding by yourself.

Ask your venue in advance if there is shade available. If not where the ceremony will take place, is there any shade where visitors can wait until the event begins five minutes later? Nothing is worse than waiting for everyone to arrive while cooking outside in the sun for a half-hour.

“Talk to your partner and consider this new alternative if your location has the option to transfer the ceremony indoors. It might be a nicer experience if it is air conditioned.

Work with the heat, not against it (Picture: Getty Images)

If you’re getting married outside this summer, Tracey warns that your guests will probably spend a lot of time in the sun. Most crucially, it’s a good idea to discuss providing shade, such as gazebos or parasols for some temporary reprieve from the heat, with your location and wedding organizer in advance for vulnerable visitors like youngsters and the elderly.

You might not have much access to outdoor area at your venue, so it’s crucial to talk to them about ventilation for the space where your ceremony and reception will be held. They’ll be able to give you alternatives like what windows and doors you can leave open or which fans you can utilize.

Don’t forget to bring bug spray.

You absolutely do not want your visitors or yourself to be bothered by creepy crawlies.

Lisa advises getting some mosquito-repelling candles to avoid having these insects buzzing about all night. “With heat often comes flies and mosquitos,” she explains.

Tips for your wedding party

Plan ahead with your beauty team

If you’ve got pros to help you with your makeup and hair, make use of them.

‘Lisa says: ‘Speak to your make up artist ahead of time and seek advice from them on ensuring your make up lasts all day despite the heat. They are experts and will be able to calm your nerves.

‘Maybe consider an up-do or a hairstyle with hair off the face for the bride and bridesmaids, there’s nothing worse than hair around your neck and back when sweating in the sun.’

Converse with the photographer

The photographer’s opinion is another knowledgeable one that is valuable to use in advance.

By the time your wedding day arrives, it’s likely that you and your photographer have already discussed your photography brief. However, on days with unexpected brightness and heat, speak with them to establish a plan to obtain the best images, advises Tracey.

“Shooting in direct sunlight won’t just make editing tough; it will also make your wedding party uncomfortable.” Taking the time of day into account, professional photographer will be able to advise you on the best time and location to take your photos.

Have cooling devices close by.

You might ask your loved ones for assistance with some fast solutions to help you calm down.

When you start to feel yourself growing hot, Lisa advises running cold water over your wrists. You may also accomplish the same thing by keeping a cold towel available at all times. It’s an efficient approach to cool down the entire body.

Do a staff and supplier check as well.

In this kind of severe weather, you and your visitors aren’t the only ones who require attention.

It might be simple to forget that your suppliers will also be working hard to make sure everything is great for you while enduring the heat on your special day, according to Tracey.

You may assign a member of your wedding party or chat with your wedding coordinator to guarantee someone is periodically checking on your suppliers to make sure they are hydrated or if they need a brief respite — they’ll really appreciate it.

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