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Some of the most unusual and alluring ornamental flowering plants money can buy are monkey-faced orchids. They are one of the few plant genera that can gaze back at you when you look at it, so why wouldn’t they be?

Because possibilities to obtain such a desired specimen are limited, many would-be collectors turn to the internet to purchase monkey face orchid seed.

Unfortunately, a number of dishonest dealers are offering monkey face orchid seed for sale, but what they actually send out is not. This is an outright con.

In addition, orchid seeds are quite tiny, with sizes ranging from almost invisible dust-like particles to pin-sized objects. 

They are not orchid seed if they are any bigger. To be clear, anyone claiming to sell 5 or even 50 orchid seeds is certainly dishonest because orchid seeds are typically bought as seed pods or by weight. The majority of orchid species have seeds that are far too little to count out in this way.

Flowering monkey orchids
Since you cannot just pot on and grow orchid seeds like you would with other common houseplants, there is a deeper concern. For the seed to germinate, many orchids depend on intricate interactions with their parent plants, including symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungus species.

In the remote chance that you do manage to acquire any real seed and decide to cultivate them yourself, there is yet another obstacle. 

You will want good practical aseptic (sterile) propagation technique expertise as well as access to laboratory tools like an autoclave and laminar flow hood. On an agar-based media, orchid seeds are now cultured in flasks.

By Marvellos Yunusa

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