How to get 10,000 steps per day without going for a walk.


The 10,000-step target every day is challenging.

We are familiar with the procedure. Every day, we “need” to do 10,000 steps.

Family and friends who regularly monitor their daily goals on their Fitbit, iPhone, or smartwatch put pressure on us.

Despite having full-time jobs, a social life, and finding time to binge-watch their favorite TV shows, they appear to hit the goal effortlessly.

However, how do they actually pull it off?

Reaching this objective is challenging even when you schedule a stroll to get moving. What happens when you don’t have time for a walk?

As it turns out, reaching 10,000 steps is lot simpler when you aren’t even aware that you are doing it. There are actually a lot of alternative methods to move around without having to go on a specific stroll.

Drop the elevator

According to Lynsey Trehane of Fitnessin15, reaching your daily goal of 10,000 steps without taking a walk may be simpler than you think.

“Whenever possible, use the stairs.” This will not only make your heart race, but each journey will help you reach your step goal. Why not take the trek to the next floor up if there are restrooms on every workplace floor?

Personal trainer and online instructor Laura Lane takes this idea a step further.

She claims, “I actually race up and down the stairs in my house.” Try performing ten up-and-down runs at once, spaced out throughout the day.

Running up and down stairs is a terrific way to begin moving and increase your step count, in addition to getting your heart rate up.

Additionally, you work out for a very brief period of time while remaining at home.

walk and talk

Instead of remaining seated when on the phone, Lynsey advises standing up and moving about.

One of my clients used to walk 20,000 steps a day while still in his office, just by pacing while talking on the phone.

I simply connect my ears and move around while I’m on the conversation if I’m on a phone call or a Zoom where I don’t need to have my camera on, continues Laura.

If you know you’ll be on the call for a while, it’s an easy win.

Place a reminder.

Set an alarm for every hour to inspire you to get up and walk around.

Walking away from your desk will increase your step total in addition to being good for your mental health, allowing you to stretch and take a break from your computer.

Set alarms to wake you up every hour so you may go to the kitchen and return, advises Lynsey.

If you work from home, take advantage of the opportunity to pour a new glass of water to increase your daily water consumption as well. You could even offer to make everyone in the office coffee.

The standing desk

Every little step helps (Picture: Getty Images)

If you work from home, Michael advises setting up your laptop at eye level, perhaps on a tall chest of drawers.

Ask your workplace manager if they can install a few standing desks if you’re in the office.

Working while standing up is not only beneficial for your posture but also increases your step count as you shift your weight from one foot to the other.

Park farther away

Michael advises parking further away than usual if you drive to work or even if you’re simply heading to the store.

Parking farther away will need you to walk a bit further, even if it’s only a few hundred meters. Using the bus or tube, exit at an earlier stop

Cleaning the house is a terrific way to get those steps in.

It gives your whole body a tremendous workout, claims Laura. “Especially when you have some power and purpose.” I can almost guarantee that once you’ve cleaned the whole house, your step count will have gone up significantly.

food purchasing

Helen O’Leary, a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, advises customers to shop for food in person rather than online. She also urges customers to visit the stores and browse the aisles.

Sing and dance

Play some upbeat music, and get moving.

They claim that music is therapeutic, so why not put on your favorite song and dance to it like no one is looking, asks Lynsey. You’ll quickly feel wonderful and your step count will go through the roof.

friendly rivalry

Involving your buddies in a struggle is something Michael advises.

He advises that one simple strategy to ignite your motivation to reach your step target is to enlist your friends in your step competition.

‘Sometimes, some accountability in the form of a friend may really help you stick at it and provide inspiration when starting a new goal, like hitting your 10,000 steps.

If you have a fitness tracker, add each other so you can see where your friends are at. If you are at work, challenge your coworkers.

Michael continues, “There are a ton of advantages to getting your steps in, both literally – by increasing your fitness and gaining muscle strength – and mentally – by lowering tension, anxiety, and lifting your spirits.

What about those who experience persistent pain?

It might be challenging to begin moving when you’re in pain without taking long walks, says Adam Foster, aka The Fibro Guy.

Establishing regular pauses from computer use has proven to be a successful strategy to increase step counts without having to go for a walk.

Taking breaks from the computer at regular intervals not only relieves eye strain but also makes it easier to sneak in extra steps.

Additionally, completing chores around the house and even playing with your kids might help you get more steps without you realizing it.

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