‘How My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly’

 ‘How My Girlfriend Was Raped In Lagos By A Fat Elderly Man With A Pot Belly’ 

So I had some issues with my girlfriend and we were kind of not talking for 2 weeks, during that time, a lot happened in her life.

We settled and while we were telling each other about what happened during our time apart, she began to cry and opened up to me that she was raped. I will ordinarily not believe that lie if she was a virgin but she wasn’t, I met her as one and I was her first, so there will be no point in her even revealing it to me if she wasn’t as it was a one time thing and I will hardly notice. At that point, i felt like my world just stopped for some seconds, o felt dizzy and found somewhere to sit trying to process what I just heard. Funny thing was that on the night of that incident, I was feeling weird about her and called her to find out how she was, it was around 9:30 pm and she was a student of a higher institution on the mainland while I stay on the island. After I called her, she picked up and told me she was going to call me back as she was trying to get a bike to take her to where she was going to, and immediately she ended the call, a man put a knife behind her and threatened to kill her if she doesn’t give him what he wants, she offered her phone and all but this man was just after sex, according to her, the area was quiet and there was almost nobody on the streets, he pulled her to a shop corner and forced his way. I was devastated and confused, this is the only lady I have ever seen myself marrying amongst all the ladies I have met, she checks all the boxes, she said it didn’t last up to 5 minutes and she cried all through but the man didn’t care. He was a fat elderly man with a pot belly, wearing a nose mask in the night so she could not even see his face.

I was so angry at her because first of all, I warned her several times not to move in the night in that area as it is very dangerous, we were once robbed on the same street around 8pm, so I wonder what went into her mind moving by almost 10pm. She said she was on night shift where she works and then her friend called her to join them for a party, so she took permission and wanted leaving and that was when it happened. Now the thing is, those friends of hers are very bad influence on her and I told her a long time ago, she said she doesn’t follow them but just hangs around with them in school, little did I know that she went to the bar alongside them and their boyfriends a number of time without my knowledge. She showed me pictures of their outings and a stab on the hand from the rapist. I’m so angry, she has been crying and begging, I asked her to stop the job and she agreed,i have thought of getting a girl and some guys to disguise and go to the same area late night to see if the devil will push the bastard to try his lick again cos I swear, I will make sure I put a stick through his anus through to his mouth,revenge is all that is on my mind cos I love this girl so much

I have read rape stories but I never thought it would come so close to me, I have been put in countless situations where a girl changes her mind on letting me into her and I respected that, I wonder why this would happen to me, I don’t know what to do, any advice is welcome.

Modified – for those claiming she lied, she came along with the doctors report and tests receipt

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  1. God have mercy on him

  2. Sorry hope you have report to the police

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