History vile: Why it took 11 years to officially declare Adolf Hitler dead

When I was younger I was told that Hitler did not die in 1945 as history books claim, that as the prophesied antichrist, he will appear one day to rule the world. As I grow older, I realized that the whole world too never accepted that Hitler killed himself in 1945 and the search for him continued across the world. It was until eleven years after he was reported dead that his demise was legally confirmed, in October 1956. 

Actor Pavel Kriz as Hitler in the Documentary movie “Death Of A Nation” by Dinesh D’Souza

In late April 1945, when the Soviet army had entered Berlin and was advancing towards Hitler’s residence. Fearing capture, several historical accounts claimed that Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide, with Hitler shooting himself on the head. Before his death, the Fuhrer had ordered his body to be cremated so that his remains will not be possessed by the victorious Russians. The order was obeyed. When the Russians captured the government house, Hitler was nowhere to be found, alive or dead. This was the beginning of the theory that Hitler had fled and is somewhere in the world living incognito as a freeman. It was not until a Bavaria Court ruling on October 25, 1956, that he was officially declared dead. But why until then?

Hitler’s alleged skulls, presently at the GARF Archive In Russia (Image: Haverford College)

In a recently published book titled “The Death Of Hitler: The Final Word“, the author revealed that between April 1945 and October 1956 when the world was busy searching for Hitler, the survivors who knew about his final hours were languishing in Russian jails. They were captured by the Russian forces who entered Hitler’s Bunker in April 1945. Another publication by The Guardian, UK, revealed the Russians also knew about Hitler’s death and had the “facts” then but refused to reveal it because the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin refused to believe that the Fuhrer died. Even though photographs, bone fragments, and skull fragments allegedly belonging to Hitler were shown to him. But the early 1950s, 

Joseph Stalin, the Leader of the USSR during the time of Hitler’s death. He refused to believe that Hitler is dead (Image: Mappr)

In an arrangement with the government of West Germany, Soviet Russia released the witnesses to Hitler’s final days on earth. These witnesses were called upon by a Court in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, which was empowered by the German government to ascertain and conclude on the fate of Hitler. After listening to the accounts of the witnesses, the court on October 26, 1956, ruled officially that Hitler indeed died on April 301945. He committed suicide by shooting himself and his body burnt. That court ruling gave the official and definite verdict on Hitler’s final days.

Adolf Hitler (Image: The Daily Beast)

The witnesses testified that Hitler indeed killed himself but there was nobody to confirm Hitler his death conclusively. The speculation about his death and existence persist until the year 2000 when Russia presented a fragment of a skull that they alleged was Hitler’s. It was displayed during the GARF Archive Exhibition in Russia in the year 2000. The Exhibition was titled: Agony Of The Third Reich: The Punishment”. But DNA tests and forensic study of the skull by the Genetic Lab of the University of Connecticut have revealed that it is not Hitler’s skull. This lead to the continuation in the search for Hitler’s remains. But it has been agreed that he died on April 30 1945 and was legally confirmed eleven years later in October 1956. 



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