He Was an Absentee Dad: Mum of Ooni of Ife’s Daughter Calls Him Out for Lying, Dares Him To Challenge Her

He Was an Absentee Dad: Mum of Ooni of Ife’s Daughter Calls Him Out for Lying, Dares Him To Challenge Her

Omolara Olatunbosun, the mother of Ooni of Ife’s daughter has told the monarch to correct his claims on his birthday post to their daughter The princess’ mother said the monarch was not a part of the first 10 years of Adeola’s life as she singlehandedly raised her as a child Omolara noted that Adeola started visiting the king when she was 13 and lived with him when she clocked 15

For the first time since the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi ascended the throne, Omolara Olatunbosun, the mother of his first child Princess Adeola has spoken out. The Punch reported that the princess’ mother reacted to the birthday post of the monarch to their daughter. According to her, the king lied in the post.

Omolara stated that the king saw her shortly after she delivered her and spent about five minutes with her. She noted that the next time he saw her was four years later when he wanted Adeola to be the flower girl at his sister’s wedding.

The mother of Ooni of Ife’s daughter calls him out for lying. Photos: @ooniadimulaife, @adeola_oguns Source: Instagram

Noting that the monarch sent their child to school abroad, she stated that every other claim that he was there right from the beginning for their daughter was a lie.

Sahara Reporters reported that Omolara said when the king put up the birthday post, she had called him privately to correct the things he wrote or pull it down.

Omolara said she’s calling out the king so as to set the records straight about all the hard work that she has put into raising her child. Ooni of Ife’s wife surprises king with a party on his birthday Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, turned a new age and the king was celebrated by his wife, the palace chiefs, and his family members in a lovely way. Videos online showed that the Ife monarch was surprised by his wife Olori Silekunola, who gathered close people together to celebrate the king.

In one of the videos, Olori Silekunola was on her knees as she held a mic to address her husband and their guests.

According to her, her surprise was just to repay a little of all her husband has been to her and the community at large. She then sang a song to God who created her and gifted the king to her as a husband.

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