Glittering Scrap CD Sculptures of Animals and Birds by Sean E Avery


Everything that glitters isn’t diamonds; it could be scrap cd sculptures. Sean E Avery likes to make animals out of recycled materials. His all-time favorite cd sculptures are animal sculptures. The Cds are meticulously trimmed to fit the anatomy of the birds and animals. When the sun’s rays hit these Cd’s, they sparkle like diamonds and make the sculptures come to life. He has made animal sculptures including hummingbirds, pandas, flowers, frogs, and possums. If you want to buy his scrap cd sculptures, visit his website. The heat molded floral sculptures range in price from $100 to $450. Scrap cd sculptures range in price from $1000 to $3000 depending on size. He also used circuit boards in his sculptures, and the details are available on his website.


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