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Dengding Rui Yao, a Chinese architect, had one idea in mind when he was asked to carve a sizable redwood trunk. A group of 20 people, led by the architect, carved a massive lion sculpture from the enormous trunk. The massive lion sculpture took them three years to complete because of its size and intricate details.

The project was started by Rui Yao in Myanmar, and it was finished in December 2015. They gave the wooden statue, which had an intimidating appearance, and named it,  Oriental Lion. However, the enormous lion sculpture was quickly moved to Wuhan, China, and did not remain in Myanmar for very long. The roaring Oriental Lion can now be seen up close by thousands of visitors in Fortune Plaza Times Square. The enormous lion sculpture also entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest redwood sculpture ever made. This enormous redwood sculpture, which measures 47.5 feet in length, 16.5 feet in height, and 13 feet in width, is truly enormous. Scroll down to see the picture of this incredible giant Sculpture.









wow, this sculpture is truly spectacular.


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