Amazing geometric sculptures created by American artist Robert Wechsler using coins that have been cut and joined. They were commissioned by The New Yorker for the SPOTS series in the October 14th, 2013 money-themed issue.

My work is distinguished by an intervention in the familiar, and it is intended to provide both insight and levity to the general audience through the altering of familiar items and locations. I deviate from the usual to highlight the malleability of the norms that often characterize our everyday experience. (…) According to Carl Jung, the trickster archetype is a metaphorical character who uses mischief to disclose mental truths. The trickster uses jokes and pranks as his weapons to pierce arrogance and educate. He gives meaning to the meaningless by demystifying social customs and exposing the truth behind collective symbols. Similar to this, my art aims to uncover hidden goodness in ordinary items and settings by carefully questioning preconceived preconceptions. For more Info. Website,


By Marvellos Yunusa

SEO Expert, Information Scientist.

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