From Losing Both Hands at the age of 14 to Becoming a Creative Artist with Over 300 Paintings- The Battle of a Creative Artist.

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At the age of 14, Dhaval Khatri lost both of his hands, and his college told him to leave. But despite this challenge, he continued his education, wrote all of his exams by himself, played guitar, and eventually took up painting as a skill.  Dhaval describes himself as “a creative  artist, not by choice but by chance,” and claims to have created 300 paintings to date. The true live story of Dhaval Khatri

I was flying kites in one of  our relatives’ house because it was the Uttarayan festival. In the process , I mistakely touched an electric wire with my hands  instead of the kite’s flying thread while flying the kite. I fell from the terrace after receiving a strong electric shock, and my heart temporarily stopped beating for some seconds as a result.
In essence, I was dead for those short moments, but luckily for the innocent me,  a doctor who was passing by performed hands CPR on me that was what brought me back to life..  My hands were severely burned,  afterward while I was rushed to the hospital, the doctors told me that my both hands  would need to be cut short as a result of the severe trauma. I was still at the age of 14 while all this were going on, after losing both hands, I understood that living without hands would always be challenging for me. However, I was also glad that I had been given a second chance to live again, which I will forever be grateful for, because people died through electric shock.  In fact, I was eager to maximize what was still in my possession and utilize them effectively for my benefit.
. I quickly received training to perform every task without using my hands. I was once receive a graduation certificate from the school I attended that read, “YOU ARE OF NO USE to us.” Since you are handless, acquiring an education is just a silly idea for you. The principal of that school discouraged me rather than inspiring me,  which was very bad and caused me pain,. But I still wanted to keep learning, so I registered myself in a different institution. I even finished my graduation later. You will be most surprised by the fact that I have given exams on my own, though. I used to finish my exams in less than three hours. I also take part in football and cricket. I’ve also started learning how to play the guitar and am working on a few pieces. 
. My mother taught me on how to hold  a pen and pencil while I was still in the hospital. I eventually started painting and making sketches. I gave it my full attention for six solid months and managed to become perfect in all of that.  Now I can   create paintings and sketches without stress.   While I was  training  to paint on my own, my education was taking place on the other side. After graduating from college, I applied to several universities for painting courses, but I was turned down by all the universities single. I therefore began painting on my own without any instruction or instructor   I’ve completed about 300 paintings so far. I have also participated in numerous television programs. I receive numerous painting orders from all over the world.

I receive numerous orders from all over the world. I recently received a three-painting order from New Jersey. Additionally, I have given live painting performances in Mumbai and all over Gujarat. I painted Salman Khan, and I want to meet him so I can give him the portrait. So all I can say is that I am an artist  not by accident but rather by chance .

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